READY FOR A SUMMER TRIP? In the past, we have taken the youth on mission trips or to summer camp. This year, we are hoping to take the youth on a mission camp to Kentucky Changers.


The project we hope to be approved for is the Marshall County project from June 20-26 (Saturday-Friday). Kentucky Changers goes way beyond the typical “summer camp” experience. Participants are challenged to become “On Mission” Christians as they live out their faith while getting their hands dirty doing hard work. Participants work on exterior home repairs for low-income families. In previous churches where I have served, the youth genuinely loved participating in this mission camp. They had an opportunity to serve others during the day and participate in powerful worship sessions each night. But truthfully, I cannot begin to explain all the benefits of participating in this project. I will provide a link at the end for more info.   

 Here are some things to consider regarding the trip. There is an age restriction. Of course, high school students may participate. However, middle school students must have completed seventh grade before the project begins to be able to attend.

Also all participants must provide their own bedding. We will be sleeping in sleeping bags, air mattresses, or cots. We will also be staying at Marshall County High School with other churches that will be involved in this project. We will have a good number of male and female chaperones and also those from other churches. The boys will be staying in certain classrooms and girls in another set of classrooms. The cost per participant is $200 each. It covers the meals and costs of the projects. We are hoping that our fundraisers this year cover the cost for each participant. Your child would need a week's worth of clothing, a Bible, and a hammer. If you don't have a hammer, one will be provided! Finally, I need to have a commitment on the number of participants by March 25th.

So far we have scheduled two fundraisers. We will have a spaghetti dinner fundraiser after Sunday morning worship on March 22 and we will also have a cookout fundraiser on Saturday, April 4th. This year instead of cooking boston butts and ribs, we will be selling whole chickens and cooking during the day as opposed to overnight. We are also considering selling coupon cards for area businesses for $10 each. You might be familiar with these through the school system. These are a great benefit for families for discounts off of meals and certain services and is a good way for schools and youth groups to raise funds. This year, if your child wants to benefit from the fundraisers, they must be present and participate in them. We will divide the funds equally among those who are present for each cooking fundraiser. The only exception would be the cards.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at (270) 933-0145. To read more about the experience at Kentucky Changers, click here.

Here are the forms that we will need:

Medical Release Form

Kentucky Changers Responsibility Form

I am also asking the group to keep in mind the agreement the church must keep while on this trip. Here are our group guidelines.


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