Our History

In December 1888, fifteen members of the Zion Hopkins Baptist Church (now Zion Brick) called for their letters to establish and organize a Baptist Church at “Slaughtersville.”  The church was admitted to the Little Bethel Association in 1889 with Rev. David Whittinghill as pastor.

Charter members were:

            Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Woodson

            Fannie Crowley

            Albert Gentry

            B. P. and Mary Hobgood

            Mrs. Millie Smith

            Mrs. Winfield

            Bertha Jones

            Joie Jones (female)

            Emma Ashby

            Washington and Elizabeth Fowler

            Mr. and Mrs. Trac Ashby and daughter

It is believed that the congregation was allowed to worship in the Slaughtersville Christian Church building until their own building was built.  A place of worship was erected on the corner of Main and Whitsell Streets and on the first Sunday in May, 1891, the Baptist Church of Slaughtersville was dedicated by Rev. B. Y. Jenkins.

The original building burned in 1910 and another structure was erected in 1911 that would be the home of Slaughters Baptist Church until the present building was constructed in 1990.

The name of the community was changed to Slaughters around 1916 and the church became known as the Slaughters Baptist Church.

In 1978, land was purchased on Highway 41 South for the purpose of building a new structure.  In 1983, a home located on land adjoining the Highway 41 property was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Parker and is currently used as the parsonage.  In 2000, Slaughters Baptist Church added their new sanctuary.

The building of the sanctuary was truly a “work of God”.  The Lord provided a godly man, Tommy Day, as construction foreman of both projects on Highway 41.  Church members and volunteers from throughout the United States helped as a place of worship for the Lord came to be.

In 2007 and 2008, Slaughters Baptist Church has constructed an annex that will be used for youth activities and other functions.  This building houses a gymnasium, a kitchen, and other facilities to further reach the community for Christ.

The home of Slaughters Baptist Church from 1911-1990.

 The current location on HWY 41.


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